about the work

Insect Dioramas- fantastical anthropomorphic depictions of insects in domestic, story book recreations: climbing ladders, reading books, holding tea parties and socializing in their secret, everyday lives hidden from prying human eyes. This collection is made with real insects that have been painstakingly positioned into a whimsical setting that contain both natural and man-made “props” and later sealed under a glass dome.

Egg Dioramas- these hauntingly beautiful little “peep” shows contain a freeze-dried fetal chick positioned into a turkey egg,  set to rest on an elaborate nest and later sealed under a glass dome.

Reliquary Boxes- a collection of French glass curio boxes containing a peculiar mix of nature and photography and representing the unbreakable connection between man and the natural world.

Memorial Shadowboxes- antique cabinet card photos are surrounded by a blanket of insects, twigs, dried leaves and rocks…a simple memento mori.

The Swallowing Plates (Objects Swallowed and Recovered from the Human Body)- Inspired by Chevalier Jackson (1865-1958), one of the world’s leading Laryngologists of his time, these constructions represent fictionalized case studies based on his pioneering work recovering objects from his patients’ gullets and windpipes. Intrigued by the good doctor’s collection of “Foreign Bodies Removed from the Food and Air Passages” display at The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Lisa has assembled an array of nineteenth century “potential” obstructions.

Jewelry- an unusual collection of mixed metals, vintage wrist watch cases and pocket watch cases, bits of nature captured in glass capsules and reliquary containers, vintage tintypes and real freeze dried caterpillars, grubs and baby snakes…bringing nature out of its environment and onto the body.




 about the artist

Lisa Wood lives and works in San Francisco and lives in a tiny apartment filled with curiosities… including her husband, Stanley and their two cats, Flynn and Nelson.